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San Jose CA LG Appliance Repair | Dishwasher and Freezer Pros

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There are several companies that make world-class kitchen appliances but one of the most well-known has to be LG. These appliances are crafted to make your daily chores easier with a focus on quality features and an appealing look.

But the truth is no matter how well these LG appliances are made with years of use they will eventually need repairs and consistent maintenance. When you have invested so much of your hard-earned money, you want to make sure that you find the best and most experienced repair specialist and that is where our team comes in!

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LG Washing Machine and Refrigerator Appliance Repairs Near You

Even with their brand reputation, your LG appliance might require an unexpected repair and we are here to help you with that. In fact, we pride ourselves on ensuring those repairs get done quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

To ensure we can deliver this, our team of experts is continually updating their knowledge through courses and literature. This means that whether you have an older machine or one of the newer models they will be able to solve your problems.


Need Your LG Refrigerator or Washing Machine Fixed? Call Us!

Our team is standing ready to head out to make an assessment of your issue and deliver high-quality service for your LG appliances. We are ready to help you if your appliance:

  • Won’t start

  • Is making unusual noises

  • Won’t work properly

  • Stops halfway through a process

Discounts And Free Diagnostic With LG Appliance Repair

Don’t worry about what time of the day you detect an issue because we have our team members standing by 24/7. We can also set up scheduled maintenance to ensure your LG appliance is working at its best. There is no need to take on the chore yourself. Just let our well-trained and experienced LG appliance repair experts help you.


Diagnostic LG Appliance Repair

Even the smallest misfire when it comes to your LG appliances can be a sign that something else is wrong or that maintenance is needed. That is why our team is so passionate about ensuring we are available to help you. So if you have any issues, please, contact our customer service reps so that we can get out to you and assess your problem.

Refrigerator Maintenance Recommendations

When it comes to your kitchen machines, don’t hesitate! Give us a call, and we’ll have the specialists onsite within 24 hours. You only need to give us some details about what needs fixing.

From there, our team will do all the work for you so that everything goes back in its place quickly and efficiently. When you require a dependable company to take care of your appliances, we’re here to assist.

Contact us right away, and we’ll be in your kitchen that same day. You won’t have to waste any time or hesitate; our crew will manage everything for you!

There are easy fridge maintenance (not repair) procedures you can perform yourself at home:

NEVER try to repair your fridge yourself. Our techs have been trained for years to be qualified to handle refrigerants. Follow the user’s manual and recommendations, but when a problem happens the best idea is to call Bay Master Appliances service.

Our Services

What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Appliance Repair Services

You deserve appliance repair services that actually produce results. While you are considering us for your appliance repair needs, read what our previous customers have to say about the work we’ve done for them. We can’t wait to deliver our services to you and read your review next!



Google reviewer

The Bay Master Appliance team is the best in town! Professional, courteous, and most importantly, they do an impeccable job. I've used them multiple times to fix my dryer whenever it went wrong at no extra cost. I had to force the technician to make money after a follow-up visit. You won't find anyone better than these guys if you're looking for quality repairs on your appliances that will stand behind their work even after it's complete. These guys are the best! I always call them when my appliances need fixing. They're professional, affordable, timely, and do excellent work, which is why you'll want to give these fellas your business if ever you find yourself with an appliance problem.



Yelp reviewer

Last week, I couldn't stop worrying about my stove's hinge problems. As it turned out, the technician came and fixed them as fast as he could, which made me so happy with the quick service. You guys are awesome for providing such great service- thank you again! Needless to say, I'm very satisfied with the services and outcome. I am recommending the Bay Master Appliance Service company to everyone who might need help with any type of repair issue around our homes.



Google reviewer

When our microwave stopped working, we were left with a bad taste in our mouth because of how many repair services said they couldn't help us as they were all booked. We contacted the Bay Master Appliance Service, and they sent Max the next day, who was punctual, courteous, and highly professional. He quickly figured out what went wrong while also ensuring everything ran smoothly again. We are so glad he came out and highly recommend Bay Master Appliance Service as we are impressed by their prompt service. We'll definitely use their services again for appliance repair in the future.



Yelp reviewer

We were pleased with the service we received from Bay Master Appliance. They are professional, punctual, and knowledgeable repairmen who know how to fix all your appliances! We recently had a check-up on our Kitchenaid dishwasher, which found a piece of glass that we could not locate since before last month's tumbler breakage - thanks again, fellas! We recommend you to everyone we know.



Google reviewer

Bay Master Appliance was a lifesaver when it came to diagnosing my dryer issues. He was on time, professional, and more courteous than anyone else in town! If you have an appliance repair issue, call them first because they are the best value around. I couldn't be happier with how well they handled our problem at home last week- these guys know their stuff. I will only call Bay Master Appliance next time any appliance needs a repair.



Yelp reviewer

When my dryer went out, I was really frustrated because no one in town could fix it. The Bay Master Appliance came along, and not only were they able to fix the issue quickly but also for very reasonable prices! Den showed up on time and was very assuring from the moment he confirmed my appointment. Whether you need your refrigerator or dishwasher fixed- these guys will get things done right away at an affordable price.

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